In 1878, Charles Darwin published his book “The expression of the emotions in man and animals”. Once again, after his famous theory of "biological evolution" or “natural selection”, he marked the scientific community, becoming the father of research in the psychology of emotions. Nowadays, many agree that the emergence of AI could mark the evolution of man forever.

Everything we do at Darweem results from our dual passion for human emotions and technology. We believe feelings are the key issue in our existence. Emotions influence our lives. They are at the core of who we are and how we communicate. Emotions are our best way to interact with others and are the most beautiful legacy human can transmit.

At Darweem, we are a close-knit team committed to make our society a better place based on wholesome interactions. This is why we stride advancing our knowledge on the measurement of human emotions.

Darweem is the meeting of the world of research and enterprise. We operate and develop proprietary technologies developed by researchers and ten years of experience in artificial intelligence.

We are committed to provide our clients key insights to help them emotionally interact with their customers, create more personalized user experiences and build lasting relationships with their audience.  We help them understand when and why they provoke negative emotions to know how to generate positive feedbacks.

Measuring emotions is the way we allow our customers to take a step ahead of their competitors.




Cédric Derozier


Never lose willingness, think big and make things happen. Bank on transversality, flexibility and inovation to shape the future.

Cédric Derozier | CEO at Darweem

Migad Negib


Make connections in every way, explore, get lost, until in a flash, everything becomes logical, coherent.

Arnaud Dussart | CTO at Daweem


We are always looking for new talents. You are passionate about media, emotions or technology? You’re an innovator at heart?

We want you!






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